Introduction of AMSEP

Gretting All,

    We are the AMSEP officers of Taiwan, Steven and Johanna, for the tenure of 2017-2018. First of all, it’s our greatest pleasure to be AMSEP officers and we are looking forward to discussing AMSEP with you. We’ll be dedicating ourselves to make sure that AMSEP Taiwan can be connected with every AMSA chapter around the world.


    Second, AMSEP is a platform for medical students to share experiences and make friends based on genuine friendships and academic knowledge. AMSA Taiwan is experienced in hosting incoming delegates. Based on the programs AMSA Taiwan has done, we are going to present you: different aspects of healthcare systems and working environment in hospitals, the passion and hospitality of people, and the diversities and specialties of cultures in Taiwan. Moreover, members in AMSA Taiwan are eager to be outgoing delegates, and join the AMSEP of your country. By sharing academic knowledge and establishing long-term friendships, delegates from different countries will create tight bonds and build intimate connections with one another.


    Last but not least, you can find all the information about Taiwan in the following contents of the booklet. We hope this booklet will arouse your interests in joining one of our AMSEPs. We trust that you will enjoy the programs we offer, and hope to meet every one of you soon!

      AMSEP (Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program) 是亞洲醫學生之間的交換計畫,舉辦的宗旨為讓亞洲的醫學生能在AMSC、EAMSC外有更多的交流,行程包含學術活動(如:參觀學校和醫院、和交換國的學生一起上課等)和文化體驗(如:參觀景點、享用道地美食等),透過各國醫學生精心的安排,了解不同國家的風俗文化、醫療體系與醫學教育等,也能加深兩國的情誼,在未來建立更多合作。交換計畫的時間約5~10天,由交換的兩國自行協定交換的人數、時間、費用,由舉辦AMSEP的國家安排行程並全程陪同。




      AMSEP是一個能讓亞洲醫學生互相交流、建立友誼的平台。透過AMSEP,我們有機會站在另一個國度的土地上,進到當地醫學院及醫院當中,與不同國家的學生共同學習,而透過當地醫學生精心設計的social programs,更能深入體驗外國文化及生活;在接待的過程中,我們能向外國學生介紹台灣,讓他們更認識台灣和我們的學校,外國人也常常因著台灣的風景、教育、醫學、美食、好客和友善,而愛上我們可愛的國家。只要不多的費用,就可以換來出國、經驗、友誼和知識,AMSEP will definitely be the decision of your lifetime!